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Music: Lio – Jose Merce

I have been listening to Jose Merce a lot. If you would like to hear what this great modern flamenco singer sounds like, Lio is a good start and so is Del Amanecer. The latter also features the guitar playing of Vicente Amigo. Jose latest album, Confi de Fua is unfortunately still a little hard to get.

NEW: Commenting is no longer available on this diary. I have a lot of music in front of me over the next few months and do not want to police comments at this time. The comment option might come back while I am on tour during the Summer and Fall.

I suggest that you leave any comments to my posts on Adam’s Forum: And if we ask him nicely, maybe Adam will create new sections for comments regarding this Diary and the I-N Journal. I promise to show up at the forum once in a while to read your comments and to answer any questions. Thanks for your understanding.


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