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Music: The Motorcycle Diaries – Gustavlo Santaolalla

Studio 3.0

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  1. will

    Looks very nice. I am sure the acoustics are amazing.

  2. Tyler Love

    I would love to see more pictures, especially of the control room!

  3. Matt Callahan

    It looks clean and uncluttered, just as you wanted. I wonder what creations will come from this new atmosphere.

  4. djalisgypsy

    Looks very beautiful! Nice, uncluttered and clean. Good to keep the energy flowing nicely, love the floor. Similar to what I have on my second level. Yes, the acoustics I’m sure are superb. The earthtones are great, very soothing and unbusy, easy on the eyes. Wonderful job you’ve done there!

  5. Adam Solomon

    It looks so nice!! Like Matt said, clean and empty, just as you wanted, and I can’t wait to hear what comes out of the new atmosphere. :) Any moths still floating around? That sure could interfere with recording!!

  6. Carol

    Simplicity, an empty canvas…no distractions, no non-essentials except the vase of flowers.
    I wish you much success in your new studio..

  7. Yumiko

    If you compare the changes from photo studio08 to studio-1, the feeling the room must be entirely different.
    The moth problem wasn’t that nice (understatment), but now if you add more black/brown color accents the current studio photos remind me of the zendo.

  8. Borya

    The atmosphere appears interesting. I like simplicity. Now I’d like to see it with the new carpets.


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