Symphonic House

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The Wege House
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…all you must do at The Wege House must do is don rosin-powdered gloves and have at it on any of the house’s integrated instruments. The House architecture becomes the resonating chamber of the instruments, with strings precisely lined, allowing you to be completely surrounded by the music.

We have chosen to explore in our time on Earth an idea: Could we increase the size of the instrument and walk inside? To walk inside the instrument and play the instrument is to feel the sound in your body, within your bones and within your mind.

Symphonic House
(Via Gizmodo.)


  1. Panj

    Wow!…what a neat idea…one can imagine walking down a hall, dragging one’s hand along the wall and making the house sing, or each step going up and down…a differnt note…hmmmm…might make housecleaning a real blast!…:-)))

  2. Carol

    When the wind blew and I was a child, alone in my grandparents home, the windows played some lonesome minor tone. When they were there I only heard the happy sounds of Grandma’s kitchen, and the squeak of the rocking chairs.


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