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Ordered six samples of carpet for the studio from Flor today. I think the advantage of using carpet tile will be that I can easily make the rug-area larger and smaller, depending on whether I want more or less reverb reflections in the room.


  1. Greg Hale

    OL, The carpet concept sounds interesting…being able to “tune” the room via flooring would be pretty unique…I don’t know what your floor base is constructed with, but I wanted to also suggest cork tile as a possibility. It is another sonically interesting product because it has both reflective and absorbing qualities…It’s also a “green” renewable product as no trees are cut down to make the product…I also discovered a place that has good products at great prices. Check out the cork tiles at Just a thought….(they are mothproof)

  2. Panj

    “””Check out the cork tiles at Just a thought….(they are mothproof)”””

    LOL…I almost spewed fluids all over my new keyboard…LOL


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