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I don’t think I will take my laptop with me to KY, so here is our itenerary for the next few days:

Sunday – travel from Santa Fe to ABQ by car, and from ABQ to Lexington, Kentucky, by plane…

10:45AM – pick up at the hotel. Go to CBS TV and do soundcheck.
12:40PM – perform one song and interview
After performance leave for radio station WUKY, the local NPR affiliate.
1:30PM – perform two songs with interview.
2PM – return to hotel
4:15PM lobby call to go to Woodsongs to tape three, maybe four songs and interview

Tuesday – travel from Lexington to ABQ by plane, and from ABQ to SFe by car.


  1. Panj

    Have a SAFE and fun journey!!!

  2. Panj

    …by the way…we will be able to view this on CBS I take it…am waiting Patiently ,(koff koff) for date and time…:-)))

  3. djalisgypsy

    I hope you have a safe, peaceful and wonderful trip! I would love to see you on tv!

  4. salma

    If you wish to watch Ottmar’s performance and interview at Woodsongs in Kentucky, go to:
    This will bring you to Woodsongs archives. Click on program #339 Ottmar Liebert video, and you will have fun watching a wonderful 90 mins. long video. You must have high speed internet to play this video.
    The song selection couldn’t have been better!
    It brought back pleasant memories of all his live performances. Good luck!


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