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Music: Confi de Fua – Jose Merce

That is a fine CD and what a great singer. Saliva Curativa is a fantastic Cuban flavored Rumba on this album. Acoustic bass, nice horn section… Now that’s some fine singing. I love Salsa, but I have never enjoyed the bright and nasal tone a lot of Salsa singers use. I imagine that vocal style started in the days when the singer had to cut through the percussion and horns without the help of modern amplification, same reason the flute players developed that “over-blowing” style….but, no me gusta…

Well, Jose does a great job on this song. It’s the finest flamenco/cuban hybrid I have ever heard. Try adding this to a playlist with music from Cachaito and the Orishas… add a pitcher of Mojitos and you have a party.

I would love to be able to sing like Jose Merce for just one day. He is my favorite singer in the world,, period.

Lunch with Jon at Maria’s. Same lunch I always have there – Chile Rellenos – christmas and a Bohemia with a slice of lime… On Saturday we have a rehearsal and Sunday we’ll fly to Lexington, Kentucky for the Woodsongs radioshow. We are to play 3 or 4 songs that are supposed to be no longer than 3 1/2 minutes long… that means we’ll have to come up with special short versions. Ah, the joy of radio….

Spent the afternoon sifting through the studio. Threw away two rugs, and cleaned up. Looks like the back of the sofa in the recording room was visited by moths as well and I might just give that to Goodwill this week rather than fighting. Shame about the sofa, but somebody will enjoy getting it and taking care of it.

The bottom line is that the next recording will sound different, because the room has changed so much. Two wool rugs gone, a wool sofa and a wool chair gone… The wool chair I used during the Opium tour was safe from the moths because it was in a different room. But I am going to sell it – yes, I am on a cleaning and simplifying binge… wanna make an offer?

I am thinking of ordering a bunch of carpet tiles from Flor, which would allow me make the carpeted area bigger and smaller depending on what i want to record. I’ll make sure they don’t contain any wool… check out the tile called Loopy Gray – that could be fun. Well, in a way a new recording should start with a new sound… I am looking forward to it.

PS: it sucks that the Jose Merce album is copyprotected and doesn’t play on every computer. I could not rip or even just play the CD on the laptop that is my house music server. Had to rip it in my G4 laptop and transfer the files.


  1. Matt Callahan

    OK, the room is spinning. Make an offer on the Opium chair? Did he really write that?

    E-mail sent.

  2. Carol

    Let’s see …if I cash in my IRA’s and borrow a little more….

  3. Borya

    I don’t need to send an E-Mail because I’d need a kind of public bidding or I can forget about it. Plus can I really consider getting the chair over here in case I made the highest bid? What about transport. Guess I’ll have to leave it inside the US … :-(

  4. Victor

    Borya, tell you what, if you get the winning bid I’ll personally drive down to Santa Fe to pick up the chair – and keep it safe till you’re ready to ship it! ;-)

  5. Panj

    OOO a public bid for sure…one chair could create many many more…:-)))…OOOOo and if I win the lottery, and you win the bid, Borya, I would be happy to deliver it to you in germany when you were ready!…)))


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