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The Sony APR-24 and the Dolby SR rack are outta here. I also found four un-used reels of BASF 2-inch tape, which was my recording medium of choice in the late nineties, and some odds and ends like cutting block, splicing tape, leader, a de-magnetizer and all that good stuff….

I spoke with a member of the SFe College faculty who came to oversee the transport. We talked about creating some kind of scholarship for a talented musician residing in Santa Fe, who cannot afford the College. It is my hope that the College will agree to give a recording scholarship to one individual or group per year for the next 5 or more years.


  1. Adam Solomon

    That’s really nice of you! Good idea :)

  2. Carol

    You give so much through your kindness. You continually amaze me. Adding so many improvements to the music department is wonderful, and then to encourage and assist those who will benefit from a good music education….beautiful. You give not only to them but to everyone. We all need good music. And they will teach others. It’s an expanding gift isn’t it…

  3. Panj

    The Gifts that keep on giving!…CLAPCLAPCLAP…:-)


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