Diablo Canyon

02005-01-15 | Guitar, New Mexico, Photos | 3 comments

Early, early morning in Diablo Canyon. A fire and a thrift shop guitar. One of a great series of photos by Ashkan Sahihi for the German magazine Die Zeit in 1995. This is how Ashkan and I met. I loved his work and later asked him to do the photography for Opium.

It was very strange to throw a guitar in the air for the Euphoria artwork and then burn a guitar for this photo. After knowing only to protecting guitars at all costs, it felt strange but also liberating to destroy a couple.


  1. Borya

    It’s like a puzzle at the moment. Again I’m one step closer to knowing. :-) That’s very nice. And gentle. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Carol

    and nice to warm your hands by if I recall. I wish I could still play “Opium” on the computer. I miss that.

  3. salma

    This is such a creative picture. The canyon and the fire make it unique!
    Ottmar watching a guitar being burnt!! No comments.:)


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