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Sometimes all you gotta do is ask….

Wired Magazine:

Your WIRED subscription is about to expire. Renew now to continue your subscription without interruption. The future is now. Don’t be left behind. Stay WIRED!


Why would I renew at $12 for 12 issues when I can start a new subscription at $10 for 12 issues, eh?

Wired Magazine:

Thank you for contacting us concerning a lower subscription price that you have recently seen. This lower price is usually only available under certain circumstances. However, we will honor your request for this price.


  1. Eno

    I got the deal of a century.
    $20 for 2 years. Awww.

  2. Flavio

    Good for you! Sometimes I had to face the same issue with cell phone companies: when they want to get your attention and steal you from other providers they offer free phones, more benefits, etc. They do a great job at that! They, however, do a poor job at managing and pleasing their existing customers that may need new phones or that may be unhappy with services – It seems to me that they perceive existing customers as a $0 value.

    The way I resolved the issue: canceled my account (providing no fees apply) and signed up again as a new customer and got the benefits I thought I deserved. Customer relationship management is such a basic and obvious concept! It is much more expensive to acquire new customers than to maintain your existing ones. So the message is, acquire new customers, grow your business but do not neglect existing customers! I am glad Wired made a wise decision and kept you as a customer.

  3. Carol

    I had such a wonderful offer when I went to change satellite companies. A really big yearly saving. It had a negative influence on me. How about giving a little savings to your regular customers. sigh…I know it doesn’t work that way, but dang, I wish it did.

  4. Ottmar

    Yes, Flavio, I hear you. I have done the same thing several times. I am not very attached to a cell phone number. In fact I usually enjoy a few months of less calls when I switch numbers.


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