Bill Gates Keynote

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The presentation was marred by several technical glitches, including a Windows XP Media Center slide show that couldn’t be launched and an Xbox game demonstration that abruptly ended with a blue-screen memory error.

Gates Touts TiVo Deal at CES [ZDNet]
(Via Gizmodo.)

Hm, two posts about BG in a row…


  1. Adam Solomon

    Hmm, Microsoft, technical glitches…who’d’ve thunk it! lol

  2. Tito Martinez

    You know, an interesting fact is that, in the music world, producers and recording enthusiasts almost always prefer to work with products that use Mac as the operating system. Companies like DigiDesing and MOTU started out using Mac as their platform. They now offer PC based products, but I believe they did this for purely pecuniary reasons. The market is bigger for the PC. Otary makes a digital mixer that, even though it uses the PC format, it uses Linux software instead of anything made by Microsoft.

    My father is into graphic design, and he too prefers Mac over Windows. The number of system failures that occur with microsoft products is staggering. But hey, it’s cheap.


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