Like a Moth to the Light

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Music: Best of Strange Cargo – William Orbit

It seems that hidden in the pillows we had out on tour last year, a few moths traveled unnoticed into the Spiral Subwave Studio. There they found a Moth Shangrila – more wool pillows made from antique rugs, two antique oriental rugs placed on the wooden floor to warm up the sound, a sofa and an armchair made from old rugs…

They ate a lot of holes into the rug the guitar chair stands on. In the back of the room I store some equipment I no longer use, and which I would like to sell this Spring, and the moths don’t get disturbed much back there. Recently I donated a Mackie mixing board I had used for demos in the nineties, to the Zen Center Utah and when I moved the Mackie to ship it to Salt Lake City I noticed the damage done to the rug.

I took a good look at the situation, considered the right of moths to do what they do and compared that to the amount of human toil contained in the rugs, pillows and furniture, and decided it was time to fight. Well, the first round went to the moths, because after fumigating with 4 large cakes of stinky anti-moth-stuff I am still finding survivors. They are not very fast and I slap them and trample them, but clearly it is time to step up the operation. This week I will place the pillows and rugs inside plastic containers filled with lots o’ moth balls. I’ll put them in the garage and maybe I’ll put a speaker inside the container playing NIN at top volume… I am afraid the sofa and armchair will have to go to a “fumigator”, but we have found some “natural” fumigators – I will let you know what they mean by that.

In the meantime I am hoping that those little busy moths will not get into the control room and start chomping in the rugs hanging on the wall to dampen the sound. I mean, I don’t want to change to many variables before I finish the new Holiday album or start on Up Close.


  1. James Wahlgren

    Sounds like a serious infestation! Pheromone traps may help keep the numbers down, I’ve had pretty goods success with them.

  2. Borya

    Fighting moths with NIN – the image made me laugh out loud!

  3. Tito Martinez

    Moths… Pff… give them hell, man! Vicious little varmints they are!

  4. Panj

    LOL…well one can’t really blame the poor dears…they DID find Nirvana…:-)…and with all the magical Music and vibes floating about, OF COURSE they are strong lil buggers…:-)…a good place for the lil guys to jump to the next plane…:-)))…in the meantime, perhaps you could announce over a speaker system, that ALL audience members WILL be seated and NO eating!!!
    …ok…maybe a few flybys, since even Moths under sentence should be able to dance…:-)))

  5. J Michael Vidal

    Moths? Well look at the bright side – good thing you didn’t carry New York City rats back to New Mexico.


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