More Hybrid Taxis

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Stefan says:

not sure whether these pedal taxis had any electric motors, although it did sound like it and they were cruisin’ along pretty good.
both of these are taken in Berlin this summer…


  1. salma

    Yamaha hybrid pedal taxi and these hybrids make a good alternative transport… great transport for future as the limited supplies of other fuels disappear.
    They are much more comfortable and good looking than ‘rickshaws’ in India, Pakistan and other fareastern countries.
    The only draw back might be driving these in winter specially on snowy and icy streets. A good summer transport I guess!

  2. Tito Martinez

    You know… These little things remind me of those old three wheeled Citroens found all over Europe. These things were accidents waiting to happen. They tipped easily. Considering the driving habits some taxi drivers have developed it is probably not a good idea to hop into one of these. Ride at your own risk! :)


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