Airborne Cell Phones? No Way!

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After proposing lifting the ban on use of mobile phones during commercial flights, the Federal Communications Commission is flooded with hundreds of e-mails from travelers who want to keep the ban in place and preserve their peace and quiet.
(Via Wired News.)

Best news of the day. I might not have to build that helmet (Cone of Silence) after all. And maybe these cards would be useful. Direct link to PDF here. It is interesting that they are using the abreviation SHHH, as it also stands for Self Help for the Hard of Hearing, which would be the result of listening to people scream into their phones on every flight.


  1. Matt Callahan

    I’m sure there remains a market for the personal Cone of Silence.

  2. Victor

    Oooh, I like those cards – I can think of several restaurant situations where that would have been handy!

  3. Carol

    Since the main problem seems to be people wanting to shout into their cell phones, it seems like there could be some kind of device that would give feedback to the caller that would assure that they would have to speak softly for it to work properly.


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