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Music: Amadeus Soundtrack – Mozart

The first seven customers to make a purchase of $100 or more in our online store during the month of December will receive a free guitar transcription signed by Ottmar Liebert.

Actually these are not just single sheets of transcriptions. They are the NF, Borrasca and Opium transcription books. We have six left altogether.


  1. Sandra

    I would love to own this set! Would a donation count? As I have all of the cds already and the Spiral Subwave hat is still sold out :(.

  2. Sebastian

    You’d better buy CDs and donate THEM to people you know. It’s better even for Ottmar in the long run. ;)

  3. Borya

    Already bought a couple of OL CDs to hand it over to friends for Christmas. Too late. :-(

  4. Adam Solomon

    Oy! If only I didn’t have all those CDs already…and did have $100…:P But someone who wants to buy some Christmas gifts for friends (and can afford it! lol) can go wild between the “Trilogy” and the La Semana LE!

  5. Carol

    A test of patience and I passed I guess. They have been asking me to sign in (I wonder why)and I have tried desperately to find out what was wrong. The ironic thing is they wouldn’t help me figure it out until I’d give them my user name and password. I finally thought I might have gotten it and came here and you let me in anyway. And hey, I didn’t even scream once.
    I have all three of ottmar’s books that I’ve gotten from Amazon and the company that produces them. Of course I don’t have a guitar, but there are some awful nice pictures in there of Ottmar, and I can play a little on my harp.

  6. salma

    Though, I had already ordered 10 copies of ‘La Semana’ sice it has been released, I decided to order another 9 copies to be given as holiday gifts.
    Ottmar’s business manager, Louise informed me that they were sold out… which is not a surprise!!
    I am grateful to Louise for all her efforts to get more copies for me! She is so efficient!!!

  7. Carol

    Thanks, Sebastian, but my music sounds like it comes from the opposite area. I only play with all the windows closed so I won’t get driven out of town.


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