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I think, around 2, when he started writing, and actually drawing instruments, we knew that he was fascinated with it,” says Orna. “He managed to draw a cello and ask for a cello, and wrote the world cello. And I was surprised, because neither of us has anything to do with string instruments. And I didn’t expect him to know what it was.
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  1. Adam Solomon

    Ever read Dr. Brian Weiss’s “Many Lives, Many Masters”? Probably the most convincing scientific case for reincarnation I’ve ever seen….maybe this kid is some famous cellist reincarnate?

    That’s just scary, in a way, stories like these…cool, but scary :)

    On a somewhat related note, my friend and I have decided that I’m Shakespeare reincarnate. Hmm…

  2. Flavio

    Wow is just right!!! Re-incarnation? I believe in this concept big time but in this case I would rather focus on the universal inspiration that is all around us. Some are in sync with certain forms of inspirations, some with music, others with inventions, others with writings, others with crimes . . .the kid is obviously a genius and this makes his ability to receive or sync with this universal inspiration a whole lot easier. How he got there and why music is a whole different subject. OL wrote about his composition La Luna: This melody just flowed out of my guitar one afternoon – all at once and in one take. Any similarities with the kid in question? You betcha! I believe we are responsible for our own achievements but I also believe that if we open up to the universe we have better chances of becoming inspired and achieve whatever it is that we want thus making the most out of this brief passage on earth.

  3. Carol

    I’m sure you’ve wondered why you knew the guitar so well the minute you got one at such an early age. Reincarnation? Maybe. Where you were born there were some musical genius souls who wouldn’t have had to travel far. Maybe even genetic? It’s an amazing mystery. They pop up now and again to make us realize our lives are “just the tip of the iceberg” (That’s a bad comparison) We all are just so very happy it happened to happen to you….or very much predetermined.

  4. Panj

    Hmmmmmmmm…facinating to think who Ottmar may have been…I think someone very healing, for sure! Music Medicine…:-)))…We are blessed!


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