FCC To Reconsider In-Flight Cellphone Ban

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The FCC has announced that it will discuss lifting the ban on the use of mobile phones on US flights.
(Via Mobile Burn.)

Hm, hard enough to sit next to somebody who spills over into my seat, but if s/he might also talk loudly on a cell phone for the duration of the flight I’ll have to:

1. take a sleeping pill or drink heavily
2. be a bodhisattva
3. drive more long-distance instead of flying
4. fly business class so I can get at least a little distance from my fellow humans
5. never leave home
6. buy one of these

I do wonder about the effect of 50 or 100 cell phones lighting up in an enclosed metal structure.


  1. Victor

    Welcome back Ottmar!

    So, if the FCC can simply lift the ban on mobile phone use on US flights then does that mean the little speech about it “interfering with the safety of the aircraft” was just bull?

    Well, it’s bad enough being stuck in a “tin can” with 200 people for a few hours when most of them are being quiet! But I know some business people who would love this – they aren’t “alive” unless they’re connected to their cell phone (poor bastards).

  2. Adam Solomon

    Well, many cell users may be annoying, but on the other side of the same coin, do they not have the right to talk on their phone where it’s permitted? Then again, if an individual airline wants to ban cellphone use on its planes, that’s perfectly fine…

  3. dave

    There’s always the Bose headphones.

  4. Ottmar

    Unfortunately noise cancellation only works with the constant rumble of a bus or the drone of a plane’s jets. Speech or other momentary sounds are not affected. But, maybe someone will design a helmet for me?

  5. Panj

    OHHHH perhaps a special section all sealed off…send the cell phones in there…yes yes…an isolation booth…:-)))..I loved the Flying Car…’almost’…LOL

  6. Carol

    Perhaps something to slip over a person’s head when they want to call…preferably with only a few minutes of air, just enough to let them tell those who care that they are still hopefully okay.


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