Off to Mexico

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Have I mentioned that I strongly dislike packing? I’ll be back with photos Monday evening or, more likely sometime on Tuesday. Hasta!

Oh, one more thing. Before you say that the Tango commuter car is too small to be safe, read this! I can’t believe how many people actually feel safer in those giant trucks. That feeling is based on some sort of strange projection. Bigger is safer? Heavier is safer? The Oak is stronger than the Bamboo? Ah, you are so wrong there. Bamboo trumps Oak. If you are going for a walk, do you wear steel-toe boots, just in case somebody drops a briefcase on your foot, or do you wear light, comfortable shoes? From my years as a bike messenger I know that small and agile mobility trumps large and slow and heavy anytime. You can’t catch me. I’ll run rings around you.

Anyway. Over and out ’till next week.


  1. Carol

    I have the feeling you’re going to have a whole lot of fun!
    I’ll be looking forward to getting a glimpse of it through your pictures.

  2. Adam Solomon

    The only thing that I think would make me feel unsafe in one of those cars is the thinness…I’m automatically just a bit worried about a car that seems, to me, like it should have a lot of balance problems (though apparently I’m wrong–that was just my gut feeling). So I wouldn’t feel safer in heavier cars, per se, so much as I’d feel safer in wider cars…

    Enjoy Méjico!


  3. Borya

    Have a good trip to Mexico! Sounds like an interesting country to me.

  4. Panj

    God Speed!!!…:-)))

  5. jlujan

    Ottmart, thank you so very much for playing at the Tijuana Cultural center, we rarely get artist’s as great as you and Luna Negra, no wonder that tickets sold out very rapidly. I enjoyed very much your electric guitar playing, the hints of Santana you played for the crowd was just great and fun, i sincerely hope we get to see you again in the future, i do not know if you have ever traveled in Baja, but if you ever do you will find out its one of the worlds most mistical places, theres an album waiting for you down here in the volcanoes of the central peninsula, where people lived, played, and expressed their art beautifully like you do.

  6. Marcelo Ostria

    Ottmar!!! I love your music, I went to your concert in Dallas, TX, in Lakewood Theater. You signed my shirt and my cd. My name is Marcelo Ostria, im from Bolivia, and I am going to study music (focusing on flamenco guitar). Im a senior at high school and you dont know how much you inspire me and are a role model to me. I wish I could be like you someday if my destiny allows it. Maybe when I get good and finish my studies we could play together? haha, well good luck, ill keep writing here so you can remember me, good luck, Marcelo.

  7. painted postcards

    If you were to through rings around me, I would know where they came from and say : hello

    wish you could go to Europe soon, have a feeling it could be like a shooting star for you with sparkles everywhere.(I heard it in my walks)

  8. Carol

    Fascinating photos! I liked all that Blue!

  9. Borya

    Indeed, Carol. :-)


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