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The reason I have not mentioned the iPod2Car connector again is that it is still not installed in my car. Discovered that I need a Toyota adaptor to hook up the connector. The part is ordered and I have a new appointment next Tuesday to hook everything up… that is if I don’t decide to stay in Aguascalientes for the winter….


  1. Nancy

    If you do, come and visit us in Puerto Vallarta. We having been hoping to get you to play in PV for a while now. New Years Eve would be fun. Safe travels and enjoy your time in Mexico!

  2. Ole

    Good luck with it… I’m hoping they’ll support my old Lexus someday.

  3. JasonLoop

    What year is your old lexus?

    I have a 2001 LS 470 and the guys over at mp3yourcar have a special adapter that worked just fine with it. Just go to http://www.mp3yourcar.com and do the little make/model/year search, their site is all about ipod adapters for cars and I think they have the iPod2Car on it also. Good luck!


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