Tuesday Night

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Tonight I played a couple of songs at a dinner in a restaurant in Santa Fe – unamplified. A different restaurant in the same building that I played guitar in about 18 years ago. What a trip to play there 18 years later… I played Snakecharmer and then a medley of Santa Fe and Heart Still/Beating. I remember playing a couple of hours, three nights a week there…

The reason I did not mention this little gig before is that it was a private party which rented the entire restaurant.


  1. Yumiko

    Like you said, “BMF”.

  2. Borya

    That’s probably the “concert”, the most of us would like to experience. Followed by a Christmas concert maybe. Last in range would be sseing Ottmar playing in a 2,500 spectators venue. Ahem … but honestly, I’d take even that with great pleasure! :-)

  3. maxx

    That must have been a treat for the people that decided to go to that restaraunt that day! Wish I would have been there :)

  4. Carolynn

    Can you let some of us know about these little gigs?! I could actually find my way there!

  5. Carolynn

    OK, this was a private party. Noted. How do I make sure to get on the next guest list? : ) Also how can I get you to play at MY private party??? Are you available to be given as a Christmas gift? : ) (Sorry, I went a little off the deep end there!)

  6. Carol

    I just checked an old “favorite” I had marked years ago. The El Dorado Hotel site is still playing a bit of your music (not enough really) I imagine that draws a lot of paying guests from everywhere.


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