Henk Suitcase

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Forbes profiles the Henk suitcase—$20,000 of the finest luggage money can buy. Each unit is more than a simple bag, instead comprised of 500 different parts, fashioned from materials such as horse hair, magnesium, and carbon fiber. Twin wheels recess into the bag when not in use, and various levels on the top cause hidden compartments to open.

Since its unveiling in September, a total of zero have been sold.

The $20,000 Suitcase. Really. No kidding. [Forbes]
(Via Gizmodo.)

They built it and no one came!


  1. Victor

    Make it bigger, put the word “Hummer” on the side – they will come.

  2. Eno

    I’m sure Paris Hilton will want a pair of them. Wow, those cost more than my car…mmmmmmy car…

  3. Carol

    My friend was on a plane and was quite amused to see a suitcase roll on the ground in the distance and break and watch them scrambling after the contents blowing in the wind….until she realized it was hers. Whew! glad it wasn’t one of those anyway!


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