Scientific American: Music and the Brain

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Overall, findings to date indicate that music has a biological basis and that the brain has a functional organization for music. It seems fairly clear, even at this early stage of inquiry, that many brain regions participate in specific aspects of music processing, whether supporting perception (such as apprehending a melody) or evoking emotional reactions. Musicians appear to have additional specializations, particularly hyperdevelopment of some brain structures. These effects demonstrate that learning retunes the brain, increasing both the responses of individual cells and the number of cells that react strongly to sounds that become important to an individual.
Thanks Ole

I have long had the sense that music and human development have always gone hand in hand, that music in fact tunes the brain. I recommend reading the whole article as it is fascinating.


  1. salma

    Thanks for sharing the Scientific American article, it’s well researched and informative. It also reminds me of my favorite saying by Plato:
    ‘Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the Universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, a charm to sadness, gaiety and life to everything. It is the essence of order and lends to all that is good and just and beautiful’.
    In this small world created by Ottmar, we try to practice this law. If this law was universally accepted there would be fewer wars and bloodshed!!

  2. Panj

    Hear! Hear! :-)))


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