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“Ottmar Liebert brings to bear a number of traditions on this recording, most notably the time-honored music of Spain. Drawing heavily from flamenco, Liebert creates a body of music that is at once forward-looking yet deeply rooted in the Spanish heritage.

LA SEMANA is made up of many elegant compositions and all of them feature the guitar. ‘Cocteau’ is a brooding modal work that invokes the ethos of Spain the best. A pair of guitars dominates this mix; one guitar plays a passionate and dissonant melody while the other coolly provides a static harmony. Overall, the two guitars create wonderful tension and release as Liebert’s composition gently unfolds. Another tune, ‘Echoes of a Caress’ combines Flamenco with an overtly synthetic keyboard trumpet and percussion section. What makes this track so creative is that Liebert does not attempt to fool the listener, but rather, he highlights the disparity between the organic guitar and the digital accompaniment. It is this kind of musical judgment that sets Liebert and his band, Luna Negra, apart from many of his contemporaries. Here technology is used to further the art, not to obscure it.”

I believe this review is from the MUZE service. Nontheless – I think they “got it”.


  1. Carol

    I like that…technology being used to “farther the art not to obscure it.” It’s why your music doesn’t belong in new Age really, because way too much of that seems like they’re holding down on the “sustain pedal” and they’re blurring everything together, and well, it drives me crazy.
    I’m glad he could describe it. Every note, every beat everything you play has a reason and purpose and a feeling. No other music quite does that.

  2. Matt Callahan

    This review should speak to anyone who reads it. It’s been nearly six months of listening and I still haven’t been able to complete a review of La Semana. Nothing I’ve come up with has been good enough. Maybe I’m in a creative slump or maybe the music is just too damn good.

  3. Carol

    Wow! Finally someone has come up with the perfect explanation! Thanks Matt. That’s it of course….
    It’s just too damn good!


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