Leda Battisti

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Leda’s newest recording, on which I played guitar in April of 2002, is still not available. She told me this week that she is hoping to find a solution to her problems with the record company soon. She also promised that we can offer one of the tracks in our Listening Lounge when the album is officially finished.


  1. Borya

    I hope she’ll be succesful soon. I’m looking forward to this recording. It must be terrible for her to let such a long time pass with a finished record in hands. It’s a pity that she’s not accessible on the net. Please give us a hint as soon as the album can be ordered somewhere.

  2. romy

    i have cherished “leda battisti” (the first album) for years. her voice with your guitar – it’s the best of all possible worlds! thank you for your music; it is a true gift.

  3. Bevardis



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