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There exists in this city a particular spot that holds a deep interest for me at least for now. You arrive at this spot by traveling North on Sepulveda Blvd. in the left lane about 60 feet before reaching the intersection of Palms Blvd. It’s a dip, or rather a scrape in the asphalt toward the right side of the lane — a dip your right tire will hit if you are correctly in the middle of the lane.

On October 15, I posted an LA Times article on Ed Ruscha in which he speaks about a particular dip in a Los Angeles road and, essentially, what it mean, or may mean, to him. Insert “bump in the road” cliche here. It’s so Ruscha, and so LA, to be talking about the street and the experience of driving. One fabulous abLA reader followed the directions he gave and sent in the above picture for our enjoyment. Probably isn’t as good as driving over it, but it’ll definitely do!

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  1. Carol

    What a beautiful design. so gracefull until maybe…you wonder how it got there.


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