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It would be cool to hire someone to go on tour with us and capture music and visuals of the band with a digital video camera. The occassional magic moments at soundcheck, or special performances that happen outside the usual tour – like when we played for dinner at the restaurant Sol Y Luna in San Francisco in the mid-nineties. Or, when I used to invite a few dozen people to unamplified solo, duo and trio performances at my house. Stuff like that.

It would feel rediculous to put a price-tag on each of these video clips and music files like – well, this one is slightly longer than that one, but the sound quality is a bit worse – shall we say 85 cents?

What do you think?


  1. Adam Solomon

    Sounds cool, definitely…I like the idea of a monthly subscription fee, say $5 or $10, either for unlimited downloads, or for a certain number of downloads (like 10, 20, whatever), and if you want more downloads, then for a dollar or two a month you can purchase extras.

  2. Tyler Love

    if you need somebody to do this for you…I’d do it for free…not even joking

  3. Carolynn

    I was also going to volunteer to be the “tag-along” to go on tour with you! The “fly on the wall.”

    I’m with Adam on the monthly subscription fee. It’s the idea we originally tossed around and seems to be the most familiar for most people.

  4. Borya

    Me too I prefer being charged a certain fix amount per month. But I’ll subscribe whatever you put up. Wonder why Adam hasn’t offered to do the video shooting yet! ;-) Whenever you need someone in Europe …

  5. Adam Solomon

    Hey, Boris, I’d do it!

    Oy, but then there’s school…damn, that always gets in the way…

    But I’d still do it :D

  6. Tyler Love

    Yeah I am absolutly serious about doing this for free, I could even write the software for the subscription to the service. I have been trying to get my “foot in the door” in the music industry for 5 years now. I have yet to receive a penny back (well I got a $15 gift certificate once) and I have put every dollar I can into it, I even have a resume if Ottmar would be interested…then again I feel like I am imposing.

  7. Victor

    Yeah, I don’t think it’s worth trying to pick a price for each download based on quality or length. Besides, what people will enjoy seeing and hearing is subjective. So, from that standpoint a flat monthly subscription rate seems most fair. Of course, the problem with that is that if there’s no new downloads in a particular month then somebody might feel cheated and cancel their subscription for a while. So, maybe pay per download is better. Well, I can tell I’m not helping any so I’ll let somebody else chime in – but I’ll cast my vote for monthly flat rate.

  8. Carol

    However, whatever, whenever,whichever way you decide to do it, I think it sounds like a whole lot of fun. You sure do make life interesting for us.

  9. Matt Callahan

    I like the flat rate but I understand where a breakdown may be needed for each clip. Not everyone would pay a larger flat rate for a limited amount of material. If the “Friends of Ottmar” paid the flat rate for the first few months, could that support the effort enough to allow a library of clips to be built up. Then, any passers by could pay for individual clips. Maybe both options need to be in place.

  10. Panj

    OHHHHHHH…I was standing in the back…jumping up and down…waving BOTH hands…ME ME ME…I was whispering…I volunteer!…oooooo…o yea…forgot, I don’t know how to use a video recorder hardly at all…LOL…lowering waving hands…deep sigh…sounds like the bug hunter has much more experience, it will be interesting to see what evolves…yes yes…:-)))

  11. antony

    I have reciently setup my own web site which contains scenic, ambient and weird photos of mine.

    I see no need for charging for such a service myself, and the only reason I think to charge $ would be to cover costs, bandwidth / photographer.

    If I was to charge, then all my pictures would be available but the large size versions would only be available to paid members.

    $ ? To cover costs, I doubt much.

  12. Eric

    I’d be game for a subscription-based site, and would only expect access to music… this would be icing on the cake! As long as the music files are easily portable, to iPods and such.

    I’m wary of YACS (yet another content subscription), given that there’s already Salon, Netflix, Audible, etc. etc. But given the price of a CD or album on the ITMS, $5-10/month is well worth it for unlimited access to an OL repository.


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