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Ashlee Simpson iPod Edition
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I really don’t have to explain this, do I?

Apple iPod Ashlee Simpson Karaoke Edition [AirBagIndustries]
(Via Gizmodo.)

In case you are wondering: go here or here and check out the clever spin…


  1. Carolynn

    The iPod thing is hilarious!

    I don’t know why everyone is feeling like they’ve been duped with this lip-syncing thing. Most of these pop-stars are fairly talentless to begin with. They sound like crap IN the studio. Why would they sound any better LIVE ?

  2. Brad

    Id rather hear a fair performance from an artist live than a lip synched or back up track. Plus If i were a singer I would not want to follow a backup track the whole night, would take lots of effort to say synched with it and plus if you want to change lyrics or whatever you cant.


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