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From an email I received:

I do have a question , Like always , What key do you tune your guitar in?

That depends on the song I am playing.

When I play a Buleria in Dm, Duende del Amor for example, I make sure the A major chord sounds right, especially the C# on the second fret of the second string. Getting the A major chord to sound right is also very important for the song Santa Fe.

When I play Snakecharmer, I have to make sure the C chord sounds right, specifically the third string open G, which I use for the chorus. You will almost always notice me adjusting the third string before playing Snakecharmer.

When I play in C, a Solea for example, I have to make sure the E chord sounds right, specifically the G# on the third string, and the Am chord, specifically the C on the second string. Important for Barcelona Nights also…

The strings I have to concern myself the most with are the second and third strings.

Other people have tried to find solutions to the second and third string tuning problems and the below photo shows the Fretwave system. I have not tried a guitar with Fretwave. Not sure I would like it. I think I like arguing/fighting with my guitar. It feels like family that way.


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