Waiter Rant

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Check out these adventures of a waiter. Very funny!

I should have known I was in trouble because, whenever the heads of Higher Octave Music came to Santa Fe they proved themselves to be very lousy tippers. My solution was to say that I had forgotten something, run back into the restaurant and leave additional cash for the waitperson. Frugal is good, cheap is hideous.


  1. Matt Callahan

    I love it! I’ve always thought I missed out on a lot of fun never working as a waiter. Looks like I was right.

  2. Victor

    Some great stories on that blog! I’ve never worked as a waiter. However, about a year ago my work schedule was overloaded and I was having a hard time keeping up on the projects I was juggling. One night I dreamt that I was a waiter and I couldn’t write down the orders fast enough so I had to keep asking people to repeat their order! Woke up in a cold sweat!

    Anyway, I definitely believe in generous tipping. Bugs the heck out of me when I eat out with someone who wants to break the tip down to the penny or worse yet round down. It’s not that people in service jobs need charity, it’s just recognizing that having those services enriches our lives and are worth paying for.

  3. Carolynn

    OHMIGOD! Hilarious!!!
    Thank goodness my boyfriend is a good tipper!


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