Iris scanning

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A Boston hotel called Nine Zero is using biometric iris scanning to replace room keys, allowing guests to gain access to their rooms with just a quick flash of the eyeball. Using a system from LG, first-time guests have a picture of their iris scanned, which is quickly encrypted to a hashed numeric code and the source image deleted (meaning they don’t keep a copy of your iris on file, just the results a scan of your iris would provide). Because the data can be held on to indefinitely, returning guests can make reservations and gain access to their rooms without ever talking to a clerk, booking a room by email and getting their room number in response.

Your Iris is the Key [HotelChatter]

Will this work with the iris of a blind person as well – or a person with a damaged iris? When will all laptops come with that function? How about cars?

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  1. Victor

    Now there’s a hotel where you definitely don’t want someone stealing your room key!

    From what I’ve heard about certain kinds of retinal degeneration the pattern on the retina does change over time – but I don’t think it changes that much in one day.


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