Changing Strings

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Music: wonderful, delicious silence
Mood: getting used to home

I am still getting used to being at home. The silence last night was thundering, especially when compared to sleeping on the bus. I like touring, once the first week has passed. Maybe I like having a schedule, or not having to worry about grocery shopping and other domestic issues. I think I have always enjoyed journeys by train for that reason – once you are on the train, there is nothing to do, but to enjoy the trip and a good book.

That reminds me of something funny. I have heard of roadies, who buy a huge pack of socks at Walmart and then throw away each worn pair when the show is loaded out at night. Or how about the Red Hot Chili Peppers, who are said to have a clause in their contract, which says that they are each to get a fresh pair of jockey shorts from the concert promoter every day….

I changed strings on my Negra today. I am only on the third set since the beginning of the second leg of the tour. Changed strings before the tour started and again in New York, on the Monday off after B.B.King’s. Each set lasts me about 2-3 weeks. I am lucky – my sweat is not corrosive and since I don’t use olive oil my strings don’t get all gunked up (did I make that word up?)


  1. Adam Solomon

    lol…I wouldn’t be surprised, the Chili Peppers are very funky, eclectic guys. And Frusciante is quite the guitarist (his solo stuff, especially), right up there with you of course as my two favorite guitarists, I’d say.

    But I digress :) Looks like we got the last two shows with an old set of strings, but I don’t think anyone noticed! Now, if you’d broken a string in the middle of the show…lol. And Santa Fe is up on the IN Cam!! :D:D ~runs excitedly to watch~

  2. Robin

    I totally get “getting used to home”…when you’ve been so focused on something and away from home, and then come out on the other side, you are kind of like “now what”. I call it the “reentry” phase…

  3. Monsoon

    Hey, OL…take your shoes off and stay awhile!

  4. Panj

    This post has been removed by the author.

  5. v2or

    What Kind of DAddario strings are you using> Thanks


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