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From the National University of Singapore comes a new idea for wearable Bluetooth devices—this time in the form of a T-shirt. Presumably targeted largely at seniors, this tech will detect how fast you are moving and the angle of your body to determine whether you’re falling and, if you are, tell your PC or phone via Bluetooth about it, which in turn alerts your family or friends. Though it isn’t specifically mentioned, there’s no reason this tech couldn’t be used to alert emergency services as well, although you’d obviously want to make sure the tech was extremely solid to avoid false alarms if your phone was calling 911. Though the device is currently attached out-board to the shirt, professor Francis Tay says they’re working on integrating the technology into the shirt itself. Then they should build self-deploying personal airbags.
Bluetooth ‘Life-Saving’ Shirt [WeMakeMoneyNotArt]

Self-deploying airbags… did anybody read “Snow Crash”?


  1. Victor

    Geez, why don’t we just make seniors wear bicycle helmets too?! Hey, maybe in the future there will be a discount on insurance if you wear an airbag-shirt!

    Haven’t read “Snow Crash” yet, but I just read the reviews at Amazon – looks like I just found my next book! Thanks!

  2. Carolynn

    Sometimes I feel like I could benefit from having an airbag in my shirt. I’m not the most graceful person I know! : P


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