A Cityzen’s Review of our B.B. King show

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This happening venue hosted an otherworldly show featuring Ottmar Liebert and Luna Negra this past September 26th. If you have never heard of him, Ottmar is an amazing flamenco/classical guitarist hailing from Santa Fe, currently on tour with his band Luna Negra in support of their latest release, La Semana.

Thanks Carol.


  1. Adam Solomon

    Cool!! Thanks a lot, Mrs. Unofficial Publicist :)

  2. Robin

    Nice review!

  3. Carol

    Thanks, it was like finding a treasure except better.

  4. Carolynn

    “More than once he sat back and allowed the other members to play alone, a big goofy grin adorning his face like a proud father.”
    I love that, also!
    : )

  5. Adam Solomon

    I noticed that, too, Carolynn, and loved it, during the show. It was like he never emphasized what he did, he knew he was usually the focus of attention, and whether he was playing or not he was always smiling at the rest of the guys and nodding his head as if trying to tell the fans “check these guys out!!” Though I think their playing did make us check them out, w/o a doubt :)


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