Updating the Accordion

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Apparently they are using something called “Physical Behavior Modeling” to simulate the bellows action of a real accordion. You can also get all the standard keyboard sounds as well as, you know, pretty much anything else you want, since the Roland has a MIDI out. And of course, the FR-7 comes with built-in speakers, so you and your robot monkey can work moon base street corners from dawn ’til dark side.
Product Page [Roland via Dottocomu]

That reminds me of a musician joke. If you throw an accordion, a tuba and a banjo from the top of a 30 story building – which instrument would land on the street first?
Answer: Who cares!

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  1. Borya

    Hey OL, you are not interested in “a boarische Tanzlmusi” by incidence? Just kidding when I saw that instrument…


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