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Here is the latest etown update: We will drive up to Boulder this week-end to perform at the Boulder Theater for the etown radio show. The show starts at 7PM. We will not perform a song with Eliza Gilkyson. I don’t expect to be able to perform more than 3 or maybe 4 songs, as time will be limited. I would love to perform the 2004 version of Snakecharmer, but since that clocks in at around 15+ minutes we wouldn’t be able to play any of the new material. We are thinking about performing La Luna, Carrousel, Heart Still/Beating and maybe the UnderWorld/Cocteau medley if there is time – which I doubt.

I do hope that we will make some new fans through this show, because I estimate that going to Boulder will cost me between five and ten grand (band and crew salaries, equipment rental, bus and driver for an extra six days).

On the other hand – it will be cool to be back in Boulder and to spend a little time with Ken and Stuart.


  1. Loteus

    Shoooo. Wow. 5-10 grand? I had no idea that expenses can shoot up that high. That’s quite an excursion.

  2. Loteus

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  3. Victor

    Well, this “old fan” is sure glad your coming to Boulder! I hope you find it’s worth the expense. But hey, Boulder is a fun place to visit anyway, and at least you get to see some friends!

  4. Adam Solomon

    Great!! Enjoy the show, Victor ;)

    It’s a real shame you can’t play new Snakecharmer, I’d LOVE to have a recording of that to listen to and show around to people, but maybe one day…could be a cool thing to have on OLnet :) Heart Still/Beating should be great, hopefully we’ll all be able to listen ;) And enjoy your time with the I-N guys!


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