Silencing Cellphones

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The French Interior Ministry recently approved a set of standards for allowing theaters and concert halls to install and use mobile phone jamming devices. There’s a catch, however.
[Mobile Burn]

Two notes about phones and cameras in theaters and at concerts:

1. Instead of jamming the signal, how about sending a packet to every cellphone inside a theater or at a concert to turn the ringer off? But I am fine with them not working also.

2. All cameras should have the flash turned off as the default. It seems many people simply do not know how to turn the flash off!


  1. Carol

    It reminds me of a a time long ago when I was in church and the minister had long since used up his “time allotment.” Alarm watches had just become popular, and there was no better time for it to happen. A very loud one rang and the poor gentleman didn’t know how to stop it. I don’t know if it helped, but it woke us all up anyway.

  2. Carol

    I remember one time a long time ago when when a sudden loud ringing was more than welcome. We were in church and the minister was extending his message long past his “allotted time.” I know I was getting hungry. All of a sudden an alarm watch began to do it’s thing, and the poor gentleman was too flustered or unable to stop it(or maybe unwilling:). I don’t remember if the minister paid any attention, but it did wake up the congregation.

  3. Carol

    Oops, I thought I’d pushed the right buttons. Sorry about the repeat, and if it isn’t working at all, this won’t register either so no apology is necessary I guess.


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