Lila Cockrell in San Antonio – after show

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The Lila Cockrell is one of those funny halls that sound fairly horrible during the soundcheck and fantastic when there are bodies in the seats. People soak up a lot of sound! This would be the type of info that would be perfect for the database I mentioned the other day! Each note rang beautifully – unlike Lakewood Theater in Dallas, where the Hall seemed to have a problem with F#… any F# chord or note sounded out of tune. Don’t get me wrong, I think the Lakewood is nice and better than some of the places we have been playing in Dallas, but it does have some pitch problems. Once you know that, you can try to ignore the discrepancy between what you are playing and what you are hearing – especially when the same problem might simply not exist for the audience as sound is delivered to them differently.

We have enjoyed playing in San Antonio for many years and this was no different. I spent an hour after the show signing CDs and stuff and meeting people.

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  1. theguy4u

    I went to ur performance last night in San Antonio and i thought it was amazing. To be honest, ive never heard of you before. A friend of mine took me as a gift and im glad she did. I never knew this kind of music existed. Your show blew my mind. I guess im a 21 year old male with an appreciation for a new kind of music. Loved your show over all. Thanks for this new state of “enlightenment.”


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