Lila Cockrell in San Antonio

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Kevin is trying to smile after it took the local crew over an hour to focus only 20 lights…

Yesterday’s Paramount Theater experience in Austin was lovely as always. We played very well and the audience loved it – what more can one ask for?!


  1. Adam Solomon

    Wow, what a place! Do they keep all those little lights on during the show? I’d imagine they could create a cool, night sky setting for you + the band if they turned off or dimmed the big lights and kept on the smaller ones…

  2. Sandra

    How cool is that? I love it – a starlight or snowflake effect. I’d love to get copies of some of the photos taken from different shows around the country. Anyone interested in sharing? I’d be happy to send a SASE (self-addressed stamped envelope). Although my photos in the flickr pool are pretty sad compared to the rest, they are special to me, but I just love the photos there. You people have done a fantastic job, alot of talent there. Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. Sandra

    Ok, I just read my post and wow does that sound pedestrian! How about emailing the photos? Sorry I’m pretty technologically challenged, but working on it LOL. Thanks!

  4. Flavio

    Now we’re talking – that’s more like OL. Congratulations.


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