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Photo from Zen Bar on Monday night. We are in Dallas today, where we will play at the Lakewood Theater tonight. I am at Starbucks because the backstage area of the theater looked pretty awful. Althoug looking at the guy with the backwards baseball cap, who appears to wear his pants around his thighs – to better show off his boxer shorts, I suppose – is pretty awful to look at as well. Hell, maybe I am just gloomy today. Yesterday somebody jumped from the top of our hotel… a successful and messy suicide, and I can’t find anything about it in the news.

Correction: s/he jumped from one of the apartments above the Majestic Theater.

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  1. Carol

    I’m so sorry. Most of us would rather leave good thoughts behind when we die. What a horrible and mean thing to do! I wonder if he/she proved her point.

  2. Borya

    Short before Munich, there are a couple of old-age asylums near the train route. It happens depressingly often that trains are late and mostly it’s because an old person has commited suicide. It never gets mentioned in the news.
    25km away there’s a high bridge leading over a river. This is “popular” among middle-aged and younger persons. Here too, a suicide is never mentioned.
    All I know is that the newspapers have agreed to not explore those deaths as a topic. I’m not sure what to find right but not mentioning a suicide is somehow misleading.

  3. Sebastian

    Why should anyone be interested in someone’s decision of taking his life?

    I mean you don’t even know that person. This is really something private. The family wouldn’t like everyone knowing about this.

    Yes, make public the number of all suicides and stuff like that, but don’t go on exploring this ugly stuff.

    What do you think?

    Oh and about that guy showing his underwear: I hate this kind of stuff. Why not getting out your penis so everybody can see it?
    Sorry for the bad word.

  4. Carol

    All too often around here when you read in the obituaries of a younger person dying in his home, etc. it’s all too often a suicide. I think one of the main reason they don’t broadcast it is that it seems obvious that one suicide leads to another. We have way too many around here. Maybe they don’t know real life from the games they play,”You’re dead! Want to play again?”

  5. Flavio

    Poor guy – whatever his reasons at that moment it’s never worth it – by now I guess he must be realizing his huge mistake. It is amazing but the power of music could cure moods, depression, etc. Some times when I am down, all I got to do is play Snakecharmer and halfway through the song I am back to normal. On the “In the Arms of Love” CD SSRI offers a free CD to hospitals, hospices, daycare centers, nurseries, etc. – I guess this poor soul did not know that. . .

  6. Carol

    Thank you, Flavio, for bringing us around to the answer. If only those who are unhappy and feeling low would lisen to music like Ottmar’s. It sure has brought me from the depths often enough. And we know Ottmar is aware of what music can do, so he’s maybe feeling better by now.

  7. Borya

    Sebastian – don’t know if you meant my comment. But I was heading for what you said. The backstory is nobody’s business, but that there is something going on should be made public. Because we need to take care at some point.
    I mean, if it’s elderly people jumping in front of a train, then you can do something about it by simply going to an old-age asylum once in a while. Take an afternoon, go for a walk with them or simply listen. It helps those people a lot. My mother does this once per week. Sometimes I accompany her. Those people have a lot of interesting stuff to tell! It’s so sad how much gets lost that cannot be saved when somebody dies. A life’s experience remains unnoticed like silent tears in heavy rain.

  8. Carol

    Drinking too much can all too often cause errors in judgement.
    Tragic in this case.

  9. Interior designer

    WOW! This interior is really nice! Is it a wallscroll or wallpaper?


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