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Zhu Xiu Yun is one of the most highly regarded musicians in Taiwan. She confounds her audiences with manipulated sounds so strange that, in her last concert, audience members reported to medical staff (who are now on standby at each of her appearances):
– 8 cases of dizziness
– 32 cases of amnesia
– 34 cases of mild vertigo
– 2 inexplicable sensations that a “presence” was sitting on their lap and blowing in their ear
– 12 people having a sudden desire for each other, despite having never met

and every single one of the assembled 1700 could smell something best described by the music critic R P Yan as “slighty sweet but not”, and by audience member and delivery worker Mr C H Tchung as “like swallowing honey while a chilli-flavoured ice cube was pressed against my forehead”. As always, Zhu Xiu Yun denies any manipulation of the space beyond installing an extra speaker above the heads of the audience, to make the sound drip from above as well as wash from every corner. Critical opinion is divided over whether she is using further trickery in her chosen venues. Her manager remains impassive and silent to all queries. The recorded CDs sell well, but the effects, as one would expect, are somewhat diluted. They still, however, contain the warning “Do not listen to whilst driving”.
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Now that’s a musical performance!
I wish I could do that.
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  1. Panj

    The text about the speaker dripping brought back memories of my last concert at the Saratoga Winery.
    Individual notes WERE dripping and falling down upon me…a wonderous experience…and I am SURE your music DID do something good…:-)))


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