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Biker’s 205 mph ticket

Hard to believe. I have gone 125mph on a motorcycle and thought that was insane. My brother has done 155mph, but 205mph!


  1. Carol

    ..and it never mentions anywhere I’ve read whether it’s been modified or how. Of course there’ll be a lot of bikers trying to match or surpass that real or exaggerated feat.

  2. Victor

    The power to weight ratio on those “crotch-rockets” is insane! A buddy of mine who owns one says that what you can buy stock isn’t much different from what they race in the “Super Bikes” series. I dunno about that – not something I’ll be getting into until I’m ready to die. ;-)

  3. Gerald Weber

    Week before last Saturday I saw something in my rear view mirror that I couldn’t quite make out. It looked like a giant yellow ladder coming right behind me and about to run into my car. As it got closer I could make it out better. It was a a yellow motorcycle doing a wheelie and going about 75 MPH. I thought the guy was insane. He was on one wheel for at least five seconds then came down and took the exit at Florin Road. Watch out if your in Sacto near Florin. There’s a kid on a yellow motorcycle that likes to do wheelies. Oh and yes, he was wearing his helmet.

  4. s.lie

    actually it is 167 mph on a highly modified honda cbr954rr, which is lighter and has stock more horsepower than a rc51. personally i do not think that even a modified rc51 could run 205 mph.
    hondas own moto gp v-five race only bike, which produces around 240 horsepower on the rear wheel hasn’t done 205 mph yet…

  5. Borya

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  6. Tyler Love

    I am sure it could have been going faster than 167mph the top speed on a Suzuki GSX-R600 is 167mph as listed in the manual. They talked about it a lot on two wheel tuesday last week on the Speed Channel, I would agree though I couldn’t imagine him hitting the 200mph mark with that bike, maybe a modded Hayabusa 1300


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