Robby at the Birchmere

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Above link takes you to a little video of Robby Rothschild playing piano at the Birchmere a little while ago. You may also want to check out another new little clip, which shows the last third of the Drum Duet.

The instore at Borders in DC went well and we met a lot of nice folks.


  1. dave

    Very cool!

  2. Adam Solomon

    Very nice…Robby is one talented musician, you’re right!! The drum duet is great, too, looking forward to that in 2 days :) Though seeing it was right here on the Island hurts a bit! lol

  3. Carol

    I just think these Border get togethers are great. Such a good way for people to not only get to hear your music but get to know you…and that’s a very nice thing to have happen.

  4. Yumiko

    Robby “Vladimir Horowitz” Rothchild…
    Your piano playing was simply beautiful.

  5. Carol

    and the music is just right on a rather gray day here. Beautiful, Robby….

  6. salma

    ‘La Semana’ has been my favorite CD for the past 3 months. (I don’t listen to anything else)!! Many of the songs played at both Ramshead and Birchmere were from the CD. When you hear them alive, with all the changes additions and everything else Ottmar creates, they seem even far superior to the originals!!
    Ottmar, congratulations again, for another superb show.
    If you created a new La Semana CD of the bootleg from the shows, I think it will be very popular.
    Visiting Birchmere, I saw the piano which Robby had played. Thanks for sharing the little video.

  7. salma

    Forgot to mention that Birhmere in Virginia was sold out days ahead, and it also seemed that Ramshead made arrangement to bring in extra seats and tables to accomodate the overflow.
    Birchmere is very strict about there camera policy, so I couldn’t take any pictures. Sorry about that!

  8. Victor

    Wow Robby! But you gotta figure anybody who can play a Kora must me multi-talented!

  9. Vivian

    it was a great nite at the Birchmere… people started arriving at 3:30 to get the tables in front of the stage… it was an incredible night…. plus the added bonus of being able to buy the new CD right there made it perfect…


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