Borders, DC

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Robby and I are sitting in the Borders Cafe, awaiting our performance at 12:30PM.

Two new band names?
Paco Hell
Gringo Star

Tomorrow Robby and I will record a couple of duets at NPR for this week-end’s edition of All Things Considered. Please check your local listings.


  1. Yumiko

    I think you should be listed as Paco Hell AND Gringo Star for your Border Cafe performances. Using the names together has a “been around the block a couple of times” feeling.

  2. Adam Solomon

    Hmmm…I personally like the second one. Perhaps “Luna Negra” should be scrapped, and all future albums should be released under “Ottmar Liebert + Gringo Star”? Or perhaps, as Mehdi’s ad butlers call you, simply “Ottmar Liebert Band”.

    Nope, I think “OL + Gringo Star” works best…the professionalism just shines through on that one :)

  3. Victor

    How about “The Flamenco Dead”? You could change your name to “Ottmar Garcia”!


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