If it is Sunday this must be Annapolis

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Long day. Soundcheck at the Ram’s Head from noon to 1PM, then off to Borders for the instore from 2 – 3PM, back to the cafe near the Ram’s Head for a quick bite to eat, then first show at 5PM, dinner in the dressing room with the second show starting at 8PM. I hope playing for at least 4 hours today did not mess up Robby’s hands too much. My nails feel a little off and I’ll have to fix those and maybe I should put a new set of strings on my guitar tomorrow, because we’ll record 4 songs for the Public Radio show Echoes at their studios in Pennsylvania on Tuesday. Tonight we’ll drive back to Long Island across the rumble strips in New York City for another show in that area tomorrow, at Stephen Talkhouse.


  1. Carolynn

    dude! Where’s your hair??!!

    Echos seems like a cool show, based on the web-site and the fact that they are having you on! : )

  2. Carol

    Does that mean Jon just has a stubble for a beard?

  3. Panj

    Rumble strips?…this does stir one’s imagination…


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