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Woke up in York, PA this morning. Wonder how they feel about that upstart in the neighboring state calling itself New York? It is the 25th anniversary of the Strand, the local PAC (Performing Arts Center) and the theater is beautiful.

Last night we played two shows at Scullers in Boston. One fan drove to Boston all the way from Hartford, because he did not want to see us at Toad’s in New Haven. I don’t blame him… Toad’s is full of Rock & Roll history – check out the posters on the wall and feel how sticky the floor is… that could be the sweat of Bono and Mick Jagger and… – but the sound system is pretty sad.

When we went onstage at Toad’s on Wednesday, I looked at the 60 people sitting there and had to tell them that I have had more people in my living room, but the show was a lot of fun actually and we came up with some new stuff that was exciting.

It was nice being back in Boston yesterday. Robby and I did an instore at Borders at 1 PM and our driver took an enjoyable route through the back alleys of Beacon Hill to the store. I told the audience at Borders that I could answer any questions they might have, because the people in Milwaukee had asked quite a lot of questions… but they indicated that we should just go ahead and make music, which we did. We played 5 pieces before the signing session. On the way back to the hotel we drove by City Hall, which I wanted to show Robby. I have always felt that it looks like something out of the movie Star Wars. Gigantic and a threatening, with a slight touch of evil, but at the same time very interesting….

Oh, yes, I forgot… the Strand in York sounds great and we will debut the two Kora pieces here tonight.

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  1. Matt Callahan

    Please let me know when tickets for your next living room concert become available :)


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