Biodegradable Laptops

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Nikkei Net reports that NEC will soon begin to produce notebook computers which use biodegradable plastics in their frames. “The plastic is made from materials derived from plants such as corn and is broken down into water and carbon dioxide by microbes. NEC says it aims by 2010 to make more than 10% of the plastic it uses in PCs biodegradable” [Another World Is Here]

About time… I wish I could give any gadget a command that made it rot and fall apart…


  1. Carol

    Oh, that is wonderful. If people see the need they can solve any problem. I’d love to be able to just run my old CD player down the drain. So cool.

  2. Carolynn

    Absolutely. What the heck am I supposed to do with the dead tv in my bedroom??? I have threatened to bury it, but if it were biodegradable, I actually could!

  3. Carol

    Did you happen to notice Ottmar won’t let us comment about his buying shoes? Well, winter’s coming. i think it’s okay.


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