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From Victor:

Speaking of cell phones, I thought it would be really cool to have like Barcelona Nights for my ring tone! Don’t suppose that already exists somewhere?? I’d like to know if the composer would think that’s cool or annoying?

The composer would find that flattering and very cool. In fact, I suggested to Sony in 1996 that they should make ringtones of some of my melodies, but that never happened. Instead I programmed my Ericcson with Barcelona Nights – it drove my group crazy!!!…..

If anybody has ringtone software, please go ahead and make some ringtones. You can send them to me and I will make them available as free downloads from our Listening Lounge.


  1. Sebastian

    As a matter of fact, my phone plays “barcelona nights”(taken from the “The Santa Fe Sessions”) when someone calls me…
    This is possible thanks to the mp3 playing feature and to the memory card.

    I did have some tracks from the “Euphoria” album as well(“Lush” and “Havan Club (latin mix)”).

    The “La Semana” album also has some good tunes.

  2. Victor

    Darn, my Nokia 3100 doesn’t play mp3’s. Actually, you can record into the mic on it and use that as a ringtone. I tried that once but the quality was so poor it sounded horrible. Might have to see what can be done with some of the ringtone software out there. Don’t the ringtone generators need MIDI’s for input? Anybody know of any MIDI’s of Ottmar’s music?

  3. Sebastian

    I once tryed to find some, but no success.
    I did find the codes for the “2 the night” on an italian site. Doesn’t sound too good, though.

  4. Panj

    You are a generous person, Sir…:-)))


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