Cell phone slide

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  1. Carol

    ??? What happens when you get a call in the middle of a concert. Are the vibrations set to your music???

  2. tessboston

    Wow, I was just at Borders .. what a treat! So you chose not to use the phone today .. i saw you put it in the guitar case! your fingernails did an excellent job .. must be the glue :D

    Thanks for that wonderful midday respite .. I was just able to get a ticket for the 10pm show tonight so I’ll see U there.

    The new cd is playing on my puter at work, so the office is groovin’ :)


  3. Victor

    Looks like that would work good! Hey, maybe a cell phone capo too!

    Speaking of cell phones, I thought it would be really cool to have like Barcelona Nights for my ring tone! Don’t suppose that already exists somewhere?? I’d like to know if the composer would think that’s cool or annoying?

  4. Flavio

    Hi Ottmar – Cool Picture!!! Any Border concerts scheduled here in South Florida? – We are eager to see you down here!

  5. Paul K

    Ottmar; Was this pic taken at the Toads Place show in New Haven,CT? The stage looks familiar. That was a intimate and fantastic show! I was front row and my wife and myself loved every minute of it.

  6. Borya

    You use “puter” as a short form? That’s linguistically brave… :D


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