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We performed at the Jazz Festival this afternoon and right now I am sitting at a Borders store waiting to play a few songs with Robby, and then we are off to Connecticut.


  1. Robin

    ottmar, will you be posting dates for your Border appearances? Anything planned for Orlando?

  2. Adam Solomon

    Very cool–I should have told my family up there to go see you!! They probably would have enjoyed it…ah, well. Milwaukee’s a very nice city. So calm, peaceful, just a good place to be–especially in the summer, with all the outdoor festivals.

    Did you get to stop by the art museum, by any chance? Designed by Santiago Calatrava (same architect who designed the Olympic Stadium in Athens, for those of you who haven’t heard of him), it’s a very beautiful building…incredible glass structure, right on the water overlooking Lake Michigan, the architecture is just awesome; I think you’d like it a lot, OL. Some info and pictures are at, just found that now on Google :)

  3. Adam Solomon

    Ah, and out of curiosity, where in CT are you off to? I’m guessing that’s on the way to Boston, but just out of curiosity, where in CT will you be?

  4. Carol

    I imagine the fall foliage is lovely in Connecticut about now…and let’s hope by the time you get to Orlando the hurricanes will be in the past.

  5. Adam Solomon

    It is quite beautiful in the fall, Carol–have you ever been up there this time of the year?

  6. Carol

    Maybe someday, Adam. I’m glad you’re able to enjoy it. I have my imagination and lots of sites to see them. the Black Hill’s trees were beginning to get their show-off colors.


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