Mehdi’s been busy….

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On Aug. 25 you reported that a Google of “thanks for the introduction to mehdi” yeilded 1,570 hits. Today that same search yeilded 1,820 hits. 250 additional spams in 16 days averages to 15.625 per day. Now we know what Mehdi spends his days doing!
Comment by Victor

Victor, you make me laugh. Thanks, man.


  1. Carolynn

    See, Victor, you ARE a funny guy!

  2. Victor

    Guess what?! This morning I Googled “thanks for the introduction to mehdi” and got 1,800 hits. Does this mean that Amazon is on to Mehdi and starting to clean house?! Not sure yet, maybe the Google estimated hits isn’t very accurate. You know I’ll be testing it though! But if Amazon is cleaning-up at a rate of 20 spams per day then Mehdi is going to have to start typing faster to keep up!

    Here’s the great news… I popped over to Amazon and looked at “La Semana” and the Mehdi spam review was gone!!!


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