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Robby and I performed 5 songs at a Borders store in Chicago at half past noon today. I had a lot of fun playing duets with him! We’ll do another instore tomorrow evening in Milwaukee and then another four instores during the next few weeks. Check your local listings… Well, I should check the schedule and post it here, I suppose….

We had a great driver who took us to the store and back to Park West. Felt like I was in Europe, because we were discussing politics within five minutes. Anyway, our driver said that when he meets mean-spirited people he calls them anal apertures, because most won’t understand what he is saying.

This afternoon Robby went to get some fishing line for his Kora – thanks for the tip James!

Had some great tapas from a Nuevo Latino restaurant near the Pageant in St. Louis after the show last night. I especially enjoyed the Mojitos they donated!! Thanks!


  1. Matt Callahan

    “he calls them anal apertures”

    This is great. My new phrase starting on Monday.

  2. Carolynn

    I agree. I’m going to have to use this one, too.
    : )

  3. Adam Solomon

    Very cool!! :) If you’re doing any bookstores in NY, that’d be great, and I’ll SO be there (if I don’t have school :D). Hey, you can even hit a bookstore on Long Island! :) So yeah, post the schedule, that’d be great!!

    Also, out of curiosity, what bookstore are you doing in Milwaukee? Not sure if they have room for concerts, but the Harry Schwartz store (I believe that’s the name) in Shorewood, right outside Milwaukee, is quite a nice little place…

    And yeah, debating politics is always fun :) Doesn’t matter whether they’re left, right, center, agree or disagree with you, as long as they’re intelligent and can put up a good conversation it’s always great :)

  4. Borya

    I like what you say about discussing politics in Europe…. :-)


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